Top 10 Creative Packaging Trends in 2020

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Packaging is the first sensory experience a consumer has of any product. The external image of a product is an essential crucial element. From the face of the packaging to the texture, creative and productive ideas to telling a story about that product it all boils down to one point, is it The One? It is estimated that it takes less than 10 seconds for a customer to determine which product they should pick. Product packaging is evolving with the advancement of consumers’ needs incorporating more details, creative designs and making it as personal to an individual as possible. This year is a highly-media influenced year and the companies are employing their marketing genius to embrace and embody these trends. 2020 brings in the most artistic, distinctive and avant-garde packaging trends. These are our picks for the most creative packaging trends for 2020!

  • ECO Friendly Packaging:

This concept though not novel, is much hyped in 2020. Many companies are resorting to the biodegradable, edible or recyclable packaging that is the least harmful to the globe and its residents all over. Some companies have added a twist to it by incorporating plant seeds into their packaging; if thrown in soil, they could produce fruits, vegetables, flowers or simply trees. Not only the marketing strategy is on-point with this one but the idea it propagates is productive.

  • Holographic:

Glitter, shimmer and holographic surfaces have been a weakness of people since ages. If coupled by the good quality product, it is sure to become a favorite for people.

  • Doodles:

Doodling has recently been quite popular in the art world. Apart from the fun aspect, due to its intricate and artistic nature, it holds one’s attention.

  • Metamorphoses:

When the eye meets more than the surface image, the package gets a deeper meaning due to the in-depth and intricately detailed designing. The image transitions into a detailed version or another image simultaneously. These are bound to have an impact on people with an eye for detail.

  • Maximalist:

Heavily patterned designs are trending in 2020. Even though minimalist packaging was exceptionally popular the last year but a keen eyed, eager consumer would want to know as much about the product as possible especially while buying premium products. People want the maximum benefits from the product usage these days and they also expect to see more on the surface too. So, this year, the more, the better!

  • Quirky Shapes:

Shaping the packaging like the major ingredient of the product within or a complimentary thematic design is an unconventional and fresh idea that attracts a lot of attention. The catch is to follow or compliment the theme of the product. Geometric, prismatic and pyramid designs are quite on the go. Example: a tissue box shaped like a slice of watermelon indicating freshness.

  • Revealing or Die-Cut Shape Windows:

There’s no doubt in earning a consumer’s trust when the product is shown in its actual form. Die-cut method allows the buyer to experience the product through the packaging. One can always put a twist on it by playing with the die-cut deign. Example: die-cuts for a package of spaghetti showing the content.

  • Neutral Colors:

Where holographic designs are eye-catching for some consumers, the rise in the neutral colors in packaging are favored too. While food industries insist on the usage of reds and yellows, neutral, pastel and natural/earthy colors are being used by multiple accomplished beauty and skin care companies.

  • Subscription Influence Packaging:

This long term relationship of a consumer with the company immensely benefits the packaging company. When the packaging is social media friendly, funky and personalized, the subscribers won’t be the only ones happy during unboxing but also will have a great influence on their followers on social media. So this tech-savvy strategy takes the packaging game to another level. This trend is the hottest these days and allows the companies to promote themselves as much as possible by sheer detailing and personalizing the boxes.

  • Creative Ideas:

Sometimes the best way to impress a consumer is to surprise them by allowing them to see in a different and unusual way. It’s not only fun but a great marketing strategy since everyone wants to have something that is apart from the usual without compromising the quality.

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