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  • Custom pillow boxes available in different sizes
    •  Custom printed pillow boxes for further customization
    •  Gift pillow boxes, kraft pillow boxes, corrugated pillow boxes, pillow boxes with handles and more; all available
    •  Corrugated, cardboard, paperboard, kraft; choose the material that suits your needs
    •  Choose from a wide range of options for custom pillow packaging like; glossy, matt, UV coating, embossing, debossing, scorching, foiling, window, die-cut
    •  For assistance with designs and box styles, consult with our customer service representative via live chat
Stock – Cardboard 14PT – 20PT
– Eco-friendly Kraft 14PT – 20PT
Printing Offset Printing (CMYK Single Side / CMYK Front and Back)
Up to 4 PMS Colors (optional)
Lamination Lamination (Glossy / Matte) / Spot UV / AQ (Semi-gloss)
Standard Process Gluing / Die cutting (Full Cut, Score, Perforation)
Optional Process Additional Cut Out / Debossing / Embossing / Foil Stamping / Window Pasting.
Shipping Pre-glued, Flat in box shipping.
Email notification with tracking information.
Production Lead Time 12 – 15 working days
For urgent orders, please contact our sales executives.
Quantity Suitable for small, medium and large orders. Contact our sales executives.

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    I did not know that Pillow Box was also an option for packaging for my garments. While considering boxes for my clothing brand, Chris from Pro Custom Box shared a mock he specially got designed  for us and it was an instant hit with my Marketing and Research team. The Ribbon handle makes my pillow boxes even friendlier to carry around. Thanks to Chris and his whole team.
    Monica Francis

    Custom Printed Pillow Boxes with Logo

    All the Reasons You Must Invest in Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale for Your Brand

    One of the highest priorities for you in terms of running your business is to make it stand out from the competition in the industry. This day and age is that of cut-throat competition, and to get an edge over everyone else, you need to show your target audience how you are different and better. This is where getting attractive and premium quality pillow boxes bulk for your brand comes in handy.

    If you are looking to get some fine quality pillow boxes bulk cheap, you are in for a treat because ProCustomBox is quite a connoisseur when it comes to custom pillow boxes wholesale. We have mastered the art of custom packaging and everything related to packaging boxes, and we are here to serve you with the best pillow boxes bulk you could find in the market.

    If you are considering the possibility of getting pillow packaging boxes for your brand, that is quite a wise decision to make. Let us provide you with all the reasons why you should go forward with this decision, so you can place your best foot down.

    Pillow Boxes are Incredibly Attractive

    Understand that when your customers choose to purchase something from you, they do because you offer something unique and valuable. They trust you when it comes to novel ideas, and to meet their expectations every single time, you must come up with something fresh every time. This is all the more reason to get pillow boxes bulk for your business.

    Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes have a very appealing appearance and can serve as exclusive and trendy gift packaging for a number of items. From jewelry to watches to ties to brooches to several other accessories- you can package anything you want in these pillow boxes. Their unique shape and adorable pillow-like appearance makes them quite a hit with target audience of different age groups and demographics.

    ProCustomBox has carved quite a mark for itself when it comes to manufacturing fine quality pillow boxes wholesale, so choosing to work with us will definitely turn out favorable for you.

    Pillow Packaging Boxes are Utilitarian

    Another huge advantage of getting pillow box packaging is that it is extremely utilitarian. The pillow box packaging is incredibly attractive, but it is also very practical at the same time. Its pillow-shape is kind of irregular which makes it incredibly versatile. This means you can add in a number of different items of a variety of shapes in it in the printed pillow packaging boxes. Whether you are selling customized bows and hair accessories for girls, or trendy nail accessories, you can add them both in the pillow box packaging.

    Moreover, the pillow packaging boxes also work very well for storing delicate items. Wrap your jewelry pieces in silk or kraft paper, and gently place them in the state-of-the-art pillow box packaging by ProCustomBox. Your products will reach your customer safe and sound in our sturdy pillow boxes resulting in happy and content customers.

    Not just that, but you can also use different sizes of pillow boxes bulk as per the size and shape of your products. For small food-based products such as chocolates, opt for small sized pillow box packaging; and for larger items such as dresses or scarves, opt for large pillow boxes wholesale. In case, you have even bigger products such as plush toys or the likes, you can easily get extra large pillow boxes from ProCustomBox.

    Pillow Box Packaging Comes in Variety of Styles and Sizes

    At ProCustomBox, you can get custom pillow boxes bulk in absolutely any size, style and customization that you want. You can get pillow boxes with window that work very well in arousing customer’s excitement and interest in the product. The little window on the front of the pillow box packaging plays peek-a-boo with the customers, making them curious to lay their hands on the package and see the complete product for real. Pillow boxes with window work exceptionally well for food-based products such as chocolates and candies; accessory items such as hair clips, nail accessories, scarves and ties; jewelry pieces such as brooches, pendants and earrings; and a range of clothing items.

    At ProCustomBox, you can find a lovely variety of pillow boxes with window that can be further customized as per your needs. Whether you choose pillow box packaging with or without window, you can have them made from corrugated cardboard for a more earthy and sturdy appeal; get them fashioned from kraft paper for an attractive, natural feel; or opt for smooth cardboard or paperboard to give them a very catchy and sophisticated finish. In case, you are in search of clear pillow boxes wholesale, those too can be fashioned for you using the paper of your choice with any kind of finishing you want.

    Moreover, you also have the option of selecting different finishing to give a final touch of class to your pillow packaging boxes by ProCustomBox. From matte to glossy to embossing to de-bossing to scorching to UV coating to foiling- you name the polishing, and we have it for you. the customer service representative are forever available to serve you, and assist you as per your needs, so get connected to us right now to move a step closer to get your desired custom pillow boxes wholesale.

    Pillow Boxes Bulk are Cost-Effective

    You may assume that pillow box packaging are costly because of their extraordinary style, but in reality, they are quite affordable. The trick is to find a good packaging company who takes their work seriously, does not compromise on quality, and provides you with pillow boxes bulk cheap.

    Moreover, when you get pillow boxes bulk, the overall price of the order automatically drops down a bit due to the economies of scale. It is always better to get a slightly bigger order of pillow packaging boxes, so you can have a reduced price, and get pillow packaging boxes bulk at economical rates.

    For all these reasons, it is definitely a wise move on your part to get pillow box packaging for your brand. Let us now share with you some important things to take care of when getting your pillow boxes wholesale rates.

    Pay Attention to the Thickness of the Pillow Box Packaging

    The thickness of the pillow boxes must be chosen according to the size of the pillow packaging boxes. Keep in mind the purpose for which the pillow boxes are being used as well as how sturdy you want your pillow box packaging to be.

    If you want incredibly hard-wearing pillow boxes bulk , naturally they will be fashioned out of robust material which means their thickness will be more than regular pillow box packaging. In case, you want your boxes to have a gentler and subtler appeal, opt for a strong material with a delicate feel. At ProCustomBox, we assist you from start to finish as per your needs, so whatever your requirements are, we are sure to incorporate them in the pillow boxes bulk you order from us.

    Get Pillow Packaging Boxes with Handles

    Keeping into account the usage of your pillow box packaging, get those with handles if the need be. If you aim to enhance the convenience of the packaging, and want your customers to experience no difficulty in carrying the pillow packaging boxes, it is best to get those that come with handles. This makes it easier for everyone to carry the boxes around. You can even get pillow boxes with handle along with handles from ProCustomBox.

    Get Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale

    To create a remarkable impression on your customers, and to communicate your brand’s identity effectively to them, it is crucial to get customized pillow boxes bulk. Whether you are getting small, medium or large pillow boxes wholesale, make certain to have them customized. Here are a few ideas that can help you do the job successfully:

    • Make it a must to have your brand name printed on the custom kraft pillow packaging boxes you get. Considering the appeal of your packaging material and your brand’s image, it is a good idea to have your brand name embossed on the pillow boxes.
    • Never forget to have your brand’s logo or emblem printed, embossed or de-bossed on the pillow box packaging because your logo directly communicates your brand name to your target audience.
    • Hashtags are all the rage nowadays. Brands select a unique hashtag for themselves, post it on every possible social media platform, and bam, they go viral! Leverage this lucrative option for your brand too. Brainstorm different hashtag ideas for your pillow packaging boxes, pick one that suits your brand the most, and have it printed on your boxes. Your customers are going to love this new feature on your packaging material.
    • Moreover, make certain that all the pillow boxes bulk you get are printed in the colors of your brand to put forward a harmonious image of your company.

    Work with Industry Experts

    To get quality products, it is best to work with specialists in the industry only. When you decide to get pillow box packaging for your brand, conduct some research on the subject, find a few experts in the field, get quotes from them, and then close a deal.

    ProCustomBox has been in the industry for quite some time now, and has carved quite a mark for itself. Our advanced, innovative and premium quality packaging boxes and other materials speak for themselves. To get connected with us, get some basic understanding on your packaging needs, go through your brand’s core values, understand the size and style of pillow packaging boxes you need, and then fill in the ‘Get A Quote’ box above.

    Soon after, our customer service representative will get back to you and will schedule a meeting to take further the process. We will provide you with different options of pillow boxes bulk in accordance with your budget and packaging requirements, and once you finalize, your order will be delivered to your doorstep.