Custom Printed Pillow Boxes
Custom Pillow Boxes with window
Custom Pillow Boxes with handle
Custom Pillow Boxes with handle
Custom Pillow Boxes
Custom Printed Pillow Boxes Custom Pillow Boxes with window Custom Pillow Boxes with handle Custom Pillow Boxes with handle Custom Pillow Boxes
  • Our custom pillow boxes offer an attractive and trendy way to package various items, from jewelry to scarves.
  • Choose from various sizes and styles to perfectly fit your product, including a custom pillow box with window and handle options.
  • Made from sturdy cardboard or kraft paper, pillow boxes keep your products safe during shipping.
  • Get custom pillow boxes with logo, brand name, and colors printed on the boxes for a cohesive brand identity.
  • Eye-Catching Finishes help upgrade your packaging with choices like glossy finishes, embossing, or custom foiling.
  • Custom pillow boxes are an affordable way to elevate your product packaging, especially when buying in bulk.
  • ProCustomBox offers high-quality, custom pillow boxes at wholesale prices. Our team is here to help you create the perfect custom pillow boxes.
Stock – Cardboard 14PT – 20PT
– Eco-friendly Kraft 14PT – 20PT
Printing Offset Printing (CMYK Single Side / CMYK Front and Back)
Up to 4 PMS Colors (optional)
Lamination Lamination (Glossy / Matte) / Spot UV / AQ (Semi-gloss)
Standard Process Gluing / Die cutting (Full Cut, Score, Perforation)
Optional Process Additional Cut Out / Debossing / Embossing / Foil Stamping / Window Pasting.
Shipping Pre-glued, Flat in box shipping.
Email notification with tracking information.
Production Lead Time 12 – 15 working days
For urgent orders, please contact our sales executives.
Quantity Suitable for small, medium and large orders. Contact our sales executives.

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    I did not know that Pillow Box was also an option for packaging for my garments. While considering boxes for my clothing brand, Chris from Pro Custom Box shared a mock he specially got designed  for us and it was an instant hit with my Marketing and Research team. The Ribbon handle makes my pillow boxes even friendlier to carry around. Thanks to Chris and his whole team.
    Monica Francis

    Upgrade Your Brand with Custom Pillow Box Packaging

    Are you looking for unique and attractive packaging for your products? Look no further! Our custom pillow boxes are the perfect solution for your brand.

    Stand Out with Custom Pillow Boxes

    In today’s competitive market, making your brand stand out is crucial. Custom pillow boxes can give you an edge by presenting your products uniquely and attractively.

    Attractive and Elegance Custom Pillow Boxes

    Custom pillow gift boxes add a touch of elegance to your gifts. Custom pillow boxes with logos and custom printed pillow boxes help to stand out your brand effortlessly. Pillow box packaging offers a fresh and appealing look for various items like jewelry, watches, ties, and more. Their unique shape makes them a hit across different age groups and demographics.

    Practical and Durable Pillow Box Packaging

    Custom pillow box packaging is not only stylish but also practical. Versatile design can accommodate various items, from accessories to food products. For fragile items like jewelry, ProCustomBox’s sturdy pillow boxes offer durability and protection during shipping, ensuring your products arrive in perfect condition.

    Variety in Styles, Sizes & Material

    You can get customized pillow boxes in various styles and sizes, whether you need small pillow boxes or large pillow boxes. Options like pillow boxes with windows can enhance customer excitement. Our custom kraft pillow boxes are made from eco-friendly materials. Other materials like corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, or smooth cardboard for different finishes. Customization options include matte, glossy, embossing, de-bossing, UV coating, and foiling.

    Cost-Effective Pillow Boxes Wholesale

    Despite their stylish design, pillow boxes are affordable, especially when purchased in bulk. Buying in larger quantities reduces the overall cost due to economies of scale. They combine elegance, functionality, and affordability, making a memorable impact on your customers.

    Key Considerations for Pillow Box Packaging

    Thickness of the Pillow Box

    Select the thickness of your pillow boxes based on their purpose and desired sturdiness. ProCustomBox can help you choose the right material and thickness to meet your needs.

    Pillow Boxes with Handles

    Enhance convenience by opting for pillow boxes with handles. This makes them easier for customers to carry and adds a practical touch to your packaging.

    Customization for Brand Identity

    Customizing your pillow boxes helps communicate your brand identity effectively. Here are some tips:

    • Print your brand name on the boxes.
    • Include your logo or emblem.
    • Use unique hashtags to engage with customers on social media.
    • Ensure the colors of the boxes match your brand’s theme.
    • Work with Industry Experts

    For quality packaging, work with industry specialists. ProCustomBox offers advanced, innovative, and premium quality pillow boxes and other packaging materials. Contact us to discuss your packaging needs and get a quote. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you every step of the way.

    Why Invest in custom pillow boxes wholesale?

    Investing in custom pillow boxes wholesale is a wise decision for your brand. They are attractive, practical, versatile, and cost-effective. With the right customization and expert assistance from ProCustomBox, your packaging will enhance your brand’s image and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to get started on your custom pillow box packaging at wholesale prices.