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  • Enhance your brand packaging functionality with our custom mailer boxes and ensure your products make a lasting impression.
  • Corrugated mailer boxes are made from sturdy material to help with products during shipping and storage.
  • Secure and personalized mailer boxes are ideal for eCommerce, subscription boxes, gifting, and storing items.
  • Our custom-printed mailer boxes allow you to add your company logo, text, and color theme to help maximize branding.
  • A variety of sizes and styles are available for mailer boxes, including Outside Tuck Mailers, RSC Boxes, Multi-Depth Bookfolds, End Loading Mailers, Jumbo Fold Over Mailers, and more.
  • Custom mailer boxes wholesale options are available at affordable rates, and they are cost-effective for shipping and storage, reducing overall shipping costs.
Stock – Cardboard 14PT – 22PT
– Eco-friendly Kraft 14PT – 22PT
– Corrugated Stock
– Rigid Board Stock
Printing Offset Printing (CMYK Single Side / CMYK Front and Back)
Up to 4 PMS Colors (optional)
Lamination Lamination (Glossy / Matte) / Spot UV / AQ (Semi-gloss)
Standard Process Gluing / Die cutting (Full Cut, Score, Perforation)
Optional Process Additional Cut Out / Debossing / Embossing / Foil Stamping / Window Pasting.
Shipping Pre-glued, Flat in box shipping.
Email notification with tracking information.
Production Lead Time 12 – 15 working days
For urgent orders, please contact our sales executives.
Quantity Suitable for small, medium and large orders. Contact our sales executives.

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    Working with Pro Custom Box was not only a satisfying but a learning experience. I was going to place the order for my customized cigarette boxes in a much heavier stock whereas, Jade guided my to go for lighter gramage and the box was still sturdy and presentable enough to make my product look great. The UV coated logo was also suggested by Jade and it added to the personality of my brand. Thank you Pro Custom Box.
    Kevin Jay

    Custom Mailer Boxes with Logo at Wholesale Rates

    Nowadays, growing a business can be challenging, but with the right strategies, like packaging, you can achieve your goals. Product packaging is the most important factor which you can get from us. We offer quality, affordable product box packaging for your needs. You have a great option to choose from our mailer boxes for your shipping and storage needs.

    What Are Mailer Boxes?

    Mailer boxes are made from cardboard or corrugated materials and used to store and send products. It has a double-sided wall, making it durable and strong during shipping. They are also used for sending PR packages, gifts, and souvenirs to customers, partners, and collaborators. These boxes are vital for your business as they carry your offerings to the people you do business with. Business owners are always seeking affordable custom mailer boxes to get quality products without breaking the bank.

    Simple Mailer Boxes vs. Custom Mailer Boxes

    A regular mailer box is plain and lacks any specific identity. We also offer white mailer boxes and black mailer boxes, but no one knows who sent the package before opening it. However, personalized mailer boxes are designed to help create a unique brand identity. It allows your customers to recognize you before opening the package and creates a long-lasting experience for them. Custom mailer boxes can be done in various ways, i.e., style, size, and printing options, resulting in unique mailer boxes tailored to your business’s needs.

    Now, customization and personalization are everywhere, as well as building branding. If you want to enhance branding, then choose our custom-printed mailer boxes to ship your order. These boxes help develop your brand identity and encourage your potential and existing customers to recall your brand easily.

    Benefits of Custom Mailer Boxes with Logo

    Custom mailer boxes with logo offer numerous advantages:

    Brand Recognition: Your brand name and logo are immediately visible, informing the receiver of the sender.
    Brand Recall: Catchy logos and brand names on mailer boxes improve recall.
    Aesthetics: Custom-printed mailer boxes are more visually appealing than plain ones.
    Customer Preference: Thoughtfully customized mailer boxes show customers that you care about their experience.
    Durability: Custom mailer boxes are made with durable and sturdy material.

    Why Choose ProCustomBox?

    We are experienced manufacturers in printing, packaging, and designing who deliver elegant and perfect packaging as per brand requirements. We prioritize our clients and aim to provide the best products and services.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our wholesale options for custom mailer boxes are cost-effective for you. With affordable prices, you get quality shipping packaging for your business. We strive for quality while offering you cheap mailer boxes.

    Top-Notch Customization

    Our custom mailer boxes with logos are designed to meet your specific brand needs. You can get plain white mailer boxes and black mailer boxes for your business here. We also offer various finishing options, such as glossing, embossing, debossing, foiling, matte finishing, and UV light coating for mailer boxes.

    Hard-Wearing Quality

    We use the finest materials to ensure our custom mailer boxes are robust and protect your products during transit. This ensures your products reach customers in perfect condition, leaving a lasting impression.

    Wholesale Mailer Boxes Availability

    We provide custom mailer boxes wholesale without compromising on quality. Our innovative processes ensure you receive great custom printed mailer boxes and plain mailer boxes in bulk quantities at competitive rates.

    Get Started with ProCustomBox

    To take advantage of these benefits, determine your requirements for custom mailer boxes and contact our representatives today. Fill out the ‘Get A Quote’ form, and one of our experts will reach out to you promptly to help boost your brand’s success.

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