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Truffle Boxes Wholesale | Custom Truffle Boxes | 1-866-365-0005

All You Need to Know About Truffle Boxes Wholesale

Truffles are harvested from deep underneath the ground. These hard to find food ingredients depend on the environmental factors that are adversely affected by modern plastic packaging. It is appropriate that these gifts of nature be packaged in a fashion that is nurturing for Mother Nature. Paper packaging is therefore an eco friendly way of packing truffles. We here at Pro Custom Box excel in designing custom truffle boxes for consumers who love and appreciate this divine gift of nature. Our boxes have minimal carbon footprint and are extremely friendly to the environment. Our custom truffle boxes are ideal for connoisseurs of truffles; as they perfectly preserve the freshness of the produce until it is transported to its destination.

Importance of Custom Truffle Box

Truffles are a prime quality food ingredient and have the ability to raise the status of ordinary dishes to gourmet level. Truffles are the life of a great variety of both sweet and savory dishes. For such a widely used food ingredient truffles are very hard to harvest and even harder to preserve. Most fresh truffles will lose their freshness and distinctive taste just after four to five days. The packaging of such a delicate delicacy of the culinary world deserves an efficient and expert packing for speedy transport. This is where our custom truffle box comes in. Our truffle boxes offer a large number of variety in terms of shape, size, design and material for packaging truffles.

We offer the following types of packaging variations for our custom truffle box

1. Truffle boxes with inserts
2. Chocolate truffle boxes wholesale
3. Clear truffle box wholesale
4. Truffles boxes with window
5. Truffle boxes with dividers
6. Candy boxes with inserts
7. Truffle boxes michaels
8. Empty candy boxes

At Pro Custom Box, we specialize in creating suitable packaging options for truffles. A large range of eco friendly custom truffle boxes is available for retailers who need to import or export these perishable delicacies. It is poetic that this rare fungus be transported in paper packaging that has minimal carbon footprint as opposed to plastic packaging. As non-sustainable packing materials like plastics damage the very environment, these delicate fungi need to mature and flourish.

Our custom truffle boxes are ideal for this purpose. Our custom truffle boxes are eminently suitable to present this luxury food as gift to loved ones and family. The range of packaging offered by our custom truffle boxes ensures that we have a packaging solution to answer every supplier and buyers needs.

From a single piece of truffle to up to nine truffles can be stored in our custom truffle boxes. Our company, Pro Custom Box, excels in designing elegant boxes to preserve, present and transport this fancy food. The cardboard material of the custom truffle box is light and does not add any bulk to the merchandise during transport. At the same time paper being an absorbent material does not allows too much moisture to seep into the package.

Above all the packaging is versatile and can be made as luxurious and indulgent as the delicacy it contains. We at Pro Custom Box focus on our customer’s demand and budget and provide the best possible marriage between economic and aesthetic packaging

What is a Custom truffle box?

Custom truffle boxes are designed to store truffles as par customer taste and requirements. The boxes are often beautified using various techniques and materials. Our most popular custom truffle boxes are embossed with floral wine patterns in golden ink over a plain cardboard base. The boxes are also decorated with matching translucent ribbons to add finishing touches to the ethereal aesthetic appeal of the box. However, the customer might choose a different ink for embossing, a different pattern for embossing or different embellishment for the box.

Our custom truffle box will be a true reflection of your personal taste and style. We guarantee a personal touch to our customer when they opt to customize our product. The Custom truffle box is our most expensive and elegant box for storing truffles. It is an ideal Christmas, birthday and promotion present for family and friends.

Following is a list of cuts and styles offered to you for selecting you dream custom truffle box


1. Truffle boxes with inserts

This custom truffle box is ideal for the storage and presentation of best quality truffles. In these boxes these is a transparent insert window through which the customer can see the size and colour of the truffles inside. These custom truffle boxes simply let the product advertise itself simply by ensuring the visibility of the truffles. This technique though simple very strongly recommends the product for purchase. This method of packaging is often opted by retailers with the best quality of truffles. With this packaging, you will be successful in making a strong statement of quality that seems to strongly resonate with the customers. It is the most sought after custom truffle box design.

2. Chocolate truffle boxes wholesale

When selling the product for a personalized present, most retailers opt for the chocolate like packaging for truffles. Truffles being a delicate food are suited for boxing in the same manner as chocolate. Chocolate is often expressive of feelings of love and warmth. By putting truffles in a packaging similar to chocolate, the seller capitalizes on the same feelings of warmth that affection that one associates with chocolates. Often times the recipient of the gift is pleasantly surprised to find truffles inside a chocolate packaging. Due to this surprise element custom truffle box is one of our best selling packaging for truffles.

3. Clear truffle box wholesale

Restaurants usually prefer this custom truffle box style as they consume truffles in bulk for their various signature dishes and delicacies. For such customers it is important to prioritize utility in packaging in favour of aesthetics. These clear truffles boxes are therefore, designed for the explicit purpose of visibility of the product to ensure its quality. The lack of aesthetic embellishments on the box is a big monetary benefit for the buyers of truffles. To get extremely economical rates, order truffle boxes wholesale.

4. Truffles boxes with window

These boxes are also designed with the view of rendering the truffles visible to the buyer. In these boxes however, the retailer does not completely negates the aesthetic element of packaging as the window allows for the rest of the cardboard material to be printed and styled using advanced computer graphics. This custom truffle box is an ideal balance between the aesthetic packaging and the raw beauty of the product.

5. Truffle boxes with dividers


This kind of custom truffle box is suitable for very big truffles. Most truffles range in size from 30 to 60 grams but a few varieties of truffles reach 100 to 200 grams. These truffles are about the size of a tennis ball. For such truffles, the packaging needs to be of the right size. For these bigger truffles the box with dividers is most suited. Also, when packaging more than one truffle in a single box it is better to separate the individual products via dividers.

6. Candy boxes with inserts

Alternatively some truffles are on the smaller size on the usual truffle scale. Such truffles normally weigh 30 grams or less. These bite size versions of the fungus are best preserved in candy boxes with inserts to separate the delicate food from each other. The small sized truffles are especially susceptible to damage from friction if they are boxed together without the inserts. The retailers prefer these custom truffle boxes when they are packing a number of small truffles together.

7. Truffle boxes michaels

This is another one of our luxurious custom truffle box. The lid of the Michael box is inlaid with magnetic clasp to provide for a snick opening and closing of the box. In this box design convenience and efficiency of the box is ensured. These truffle boxes Michaels are high in demand for serving as gifts. The lid style is especially appealing to buyers.

8. Empty candy boxes

Empty candy boxes are unique candy boxes that come in vibrant colors and appeal to those with a funky taste. Just as a colorful box of candy beckons and tempts the buyer, similarly the color attracts the attention of the perceiver. The philosophy behind this design was to rediscover the child like wonder one has in receiving gifts. You can get the empty candy boxes from ProCustom Box for a variety of your occasions. Whether you want some empty candy boxes to serve as party favor boxes on your kid’s birthday party, or want some for the Easter eggs to distribute amongst friends and family, these gorgeous empty candy boxes won’t disappoint you one bit, and will add more color and joy to your festivities. What’s even better is that you can get them customized them in absolutely any way you please.

Our Creed


We at Pro Custom Box are determined to provide the best services for our clients. We settle for nothing less than the absolute satisfaction and comfort of our retailers. Our dedicated team of representatives and online agents assist you in selecting the best custom truffle boxes most suited to your needs and requirements. Keeping in view the budget that you intend to invest in packaging truffles we alter and adept our designs to suit your needs to a tee while providing market competitive rates. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal elsewhere on truffle boxes wholesale.