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  • Custom candle boxes available in all shapes and sizes
  •  Customize the box further to enhance your product appeal by choosing a combination of colours, graphics and print
  •  Custom printed candle boxes are available too with your own printing
  •  Corrugated, cardboard, paperboard, kraft; choose the material that suits your needs
  •  Choose from a wide range of options; glossy, matt, UV coating, embossing, debossing, scorching, foiling, window, die-cut
  •  For assistance with designs and box styles, consult with our customer service representative via live chat
Stock – Cardboard 14PT – 20PT
– Eco-friendly Kraft 14PT – 20PT
– Corrugated Stock
– Rigid Board Stock
Printing Offset Printing (CMYK Single Side / CMYK Front and Back)
Up to 4 PMS Colors (optional)
Lamination Lamination (Glossy / Matte) / Spot UV / AQ (Semi-gloss)
Standard Process Gluing / Die cutting (Full Cut, Score, Perforation)
Optional Process Additional Cut Out / Debossing / Embossing / Foil Stamping / Window Pasting.
Shipping Pre-glued, Flat in box shipping.
Email notification with tracking information.
Production Lead Time 12 – 15 working days
For urgent orders, please contact our sales executives.
Quantity Suitable for small, medium and large orders. Contact our sales executives.

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    Brian has been a great help for my candle boxes. I needed two different types of boxes which would not only look good but would also be strong enough to be sent directly into the mail. The Matte Finished boxes were amazing and I was very much satisfied with what I got.
    Julia Williams

    Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes

    Your Guide to Get the Finest Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale

    At ProCustomBox, we specialize in providing eco friendly and aesthetic paper packaging for luxury candles. Our luxury candle boxes wholesale are manufactured using totally recyclable raw materials. This ensures that we and our clients are not harming the environment with our business venture.

    Candle making is a fine art. The utilitarian purpose for this common household item changed over the millennia due to the modern uninterrupted energy supplies we now enjoy in our homes. They are now in demand not for their literal light but for the emotional and intellectual flame that the glow of a candle ignites in the beholder. Candles are almost spiritual objects in their ability to set the mood by their mellow radiance. An object of such emotional appeal and nurturing presence deserves an equally wholesome packaging.

    If you think about your candles as passionately as we do then our company is the best choice for you when you hunt for the packaging for you product. We offer a stunning variety of candle boxes for sale that you can have customized to suit your needs. Our packaging is easy on the environment and the pocket both. We use cardboard paper which is cost-effective so we provide the most competitive rates to our customers. Plus, we don’t make use of any processes that harm the environment, so both you and ProCustomBox play our part in keeping the environment greener.

    Our Consultancy Services

    Our company’s representatives will be happy to walk you through all relative advantages and disadvantages of every type of candle box packaging we offer. Our agents offer round the clock online services to assist you in choosing the best possible candle box wholesale packaging for you product, and the best thing is that this service is entirely free of cost. You don’t have to spend a dime on the expert consultancy provided to you for discussing budget and design of our candle box wholesale packaging

    Our Product Range for Candle Boxes Wholesale

    We believe that good business is in detail and variety. As the wider we cast the net, the more fish we can catch. Therefore,
    ProCustomBox offers you a wide range of cardboard and paper designs for packaging to suit the needs of all types of customers.

    Our custom printed candle boxes are ideal for both luxury candles that require a distinctive packaging and utility oriented candle which need shipping over large distances.

    Following is a list and description of our design templates for our candle boxes wholesale range. We are sure you will find something to suit your business requirements and budget from among these candle boxes.

    • Candle subscription box
    • Custom candle box
    • Candle shipping boxes
    • Luxury candle packaging
    • Luxury candle boxes
    • Eco friendly candle packaging
    • Succulent and candle gift box
    • Luxury candle packaging wholesale

    1. Candle Subscription Box

    This packaging option is most suited to you if you are in the business of making luxury candles that burn without smoke and are delicately scented to release their aroma upon being lit. The scent colour and texture of these top-notch candles makes them an absolutely hard to resist indulgence for their buyers. Our candle subscription box adds its own aesthetics appeal by packaging the product excellently and tastefully. Your buyer would request our candle subscription box again and again and again.

    • Inside the subscription box, we usually advise the vendor to put a surprise gift such as a new sample or a gift voucher to ensure the buyers’ interest in your product.
    • We pay close attention to detail while packaging your luxury products in our candle subscription box as we understand the paramount importance of not only arousing but sustaining the customer’s interest in your product.
    • We ensure that our candle subscription box also offers something new to the customer upon every delivery. As we constantly modify the colour shape and design of our boxes.

    2. Custom Candle Box

    The client has complete freedom to design or redesign all of our candle boxes wholesale range. The individual boxes can be designed according to the size and shape of the candle. For glass poured scented candles, our boxes are designed with special cardboard holders which will hold the glass, jar firmly during transport. These clever holders not only prevent the candle form jostling during transport but they also serve as a save, stable container for the candle even when it is in use. The thickness of the custom candle packaging box is usually according to the weight of the candle being packaged. This is an important factor for our clients as an increase in the size of the candle jar would mean a corresponding increase in the cost of packaging. This method of packaging is necessary for luxury candles that are invariably poured in glass.

    3. Candle Shipping Boxes

    Our candle shipping boxes are ideal for you if you have to ship your candles over long distances. This type of candle box wholesale is especially designed for endurance and strength. The walls of the box are made of fluted layers cardboard inserted between layers of plane cardboard. This structure has great strength and can withstand a fair amount of pressure and jostling during loading and stacking in the ships hulk. The best thing about this candle box is that it is extremely economical as compared to plastic packaging. Moreover, the cardboard material does not weigh too much and saves the transport cost in shipping where transport cost are determined by the weight of the cargo.

    4. Luxury Candle Packaging

    In this candle box wholesale design, the focus is on the aesthetic aspect of packaging in order to compliment the indulgent nature of the product. Luxury candles have become a household commodity. The competition between different brands is cut throat as each company tries to win over clients from the other by offering better quality, quantity and packaging of their product. Trust us, the packaging of your product is a very big reason for consumers to buy you candles. In this custom packaging, we use cloth, paper and ribbons to showcase and highlight the luxury candles. The accessories of packaging are very attractive for the customer who like to see the outside of their product as a reflection of the quality of the candle they have purchased. An attractive packaging therefore is a must for you if you want to propel you business towards better sales percentage.

    5. Luxury Candle Boxes

    In this custom candle box, the designs are embossed and engraved in golden and silver inks upon pastel shaded boxes. The subtle nature of the candle’s glow requires an equally tasteful and understated elegance. We make sure that our candle box does its part in promoting you product. Our clients have often shared their experience with us after purchasing the candle boxes from us. They all swear by this box being one of the best advertisement strategies for their business. The customers purchased their candles like hot cakes after we had packaged them.

    6. Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging

    With an increased buyer interest in candles, there is a simultaneous increase in the awareness among educated people regarding environmental pollution. Most people who buy candle are dismayed if they are not packaged in an eco-friendly material. The candles are a throwback to medieval times and those who have a taste for them usually have a taste for simplicity and co-existence with nature as well. Our candle box packaging uses jute cloth and paper based tissues and wraps that delight such environmentalists by being completely biodegradable

    7. Succulent and Candle Gift Box

    Yet another bestseller from amongst our candle box wholesale collection is this candle gift box. This box is especially designed to ensnare the senses of the receiver. The packaging, graphics, printing and color job for these boxes are exceptionally fine. We use our best materials, designs and techniques for these boxes.

    8. Luxury Candle Packaging Wholesale

    This collection of luxury candle packaging is our patent design and gives a new dimension to the product it encases. Our packaging justifies the word luxury in your candles by reflecting the same taste, elegance and quality as your product in our packaging. This is one bargain you won’t regret as it will skyrocket your profit by increasing you sales.

    Our Selling Ethics

    ProCustomBox offers the best wholesale rates to our clients for custom candle packaging boxes. We discuss in detail the requirements of our customers before advising on the designs and prices for luxury candles most suited to their needs and preferences. Being in this business, we fully realize the supreme importance of customer satisfaction. We believe in supplying the best solution to the distinct needs of each customer. ProCustomBox’s candle boxes wholesale rates, product quality and pre-purchase and post-purchase services will definitely leave you feeling pleased with our work.

    Our Sales Policy

    Our company does not charges the clients for expert advice it offers since we believe that it is in our best interest to safeguard your interest. Our online representatives answer any and all queries pertaining to these luxury candle packaging boxes 24/7.