Packaging Trends in CBD that will Elevate your Business

Designing effective packaging for cannabis or CBD products is critical to creating a successful brand identity and promoting sales. In this cannabis packaging guide, we’ll explore four key considerations to keep in mind when designing packaging for cannabis and CBD products.

1. Attract your target customers

When it comes to persuading customers to choose one cannabis or CBD product over another, compelling, high-quality product packaging plays a significant role. Before creating packaging solutions, it’s crucial to understand your target market, prospective customers, and the experience you want to promote.

High-value, designer packaging that functions flawlessly and provides an elevated tactile user experience is vital for luxury cannabis and CBD customers. Conversely, millennials prefer minimal packaging that is custom-branded and appears authentic and trustworthy. Customers looking for relief from medical issues will be drawn to packaging that promises efficacy and relief, and uses medical symbols, clear, concise copy, and a simple design.

2. Inform your customers

The best custom-branded packaging design balances design and information. Custom packaging for any product should include basic product information on a custom printed label. For medical marijuana packaging, guidelines require packaging to include dosing information and instructions for safe use, batch numbers, and expiration details.

3. Protect the product

Packaging should protect the product from damage, air, and light exposure. Choose packaging that keeps the product fresh and potent and prevents contamination.

4. Consider packaging design trends

Cannabis packaging design trends change rapidly, so it’s essential to stay up to date. One trend is sustainability, with millennials valuing sustainable packaging that offers alternatives to plastics. Other trends include bold and colorful designs, incorporating product imagery and using unique shapes and materials.

In conclusion, designing effective custom CBD packaging requires careful consideration of the target market, product information, and packaging design trends. By balancing these factors, you can create a unique brand identity and promote sales of your cannabis or CBD products.

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