Custom Packaging: is it worth investing in for a startup/small business?

Custom Packaging, the term suddenly makes it all fancy and exclusive. To be honest, it is both. These very qualities are the core of anything ‘custom’. Look around at all the successful brands. You think of them or hear about them, the first thing that pops in your head is the exclusivity that they have successfully created and maintained through customization.

‘But that means that it must be expensive’, is the common notion among people which is not true. You can most definitely work around it smartly and get the custom packaging that is exclusive to your brand.

Would it be wise or practical for a small business or a startup to invest in something like custom packaging? Would it be worth the effort? Let’s find out together.

What does custom packaging do?

Custom or generic, there is no question about it that your product needs some kind of packaging. You have just started a business that needs to make a clientele in a market where there is no dearth of competitors. That’s where your packaging will help you grab the attention of a potential customer frisking through the products when they see something new, something different, standing out among the rest. It spells out your brand and your product. Using and appreciating the product will only take place when they will buy it. Marketing alone will not help make the sales. Your sales heavily depend on the packaging. In fact, custom packaging itself is one of the most effective marketing tools.

It is equally or may be even more crucial for e-commerce businesses. Your customer has no tangible way to experience or try out the product before buying it. Receiving and opening the package will be their first interaction with the product. This first interaction must leave a delightful and memorable impression in order to win customer loyalty.

What can it do for small businesses or startups?

These first impressions, standing out on a shelf, attracting first time buyers, are the defining moments for startups and small businesses. Being chosen among so many other tried and tested items is the biggest barrier of entry. With this barrier down, you have your chance to win a customer who comes back to you, who becomes your unpaid brand ambassador sending more and more customers your way. This is how many renowned brands became renowned. Word of mouth, friends and family recommendations remain the most effective and powerful marketing tools to date.

How to design a budget friendly packaging?

Be smart about choosing your packaging just like you have been about every other important detail. You can be creative and effective with your designing in an economical way too. Once you see that your products are picking up, you can fancy it up however you like. Here are some steps to designing your custom packaging that would not burden your pocket.

Choose the material and packaging

First things first. Choose the material and packaging that suit your needs. Paper based packaging is quite versatile. You can choose from cardboards of various thickness and strengths to Kraft packagings. It can easily be customised to any shape (box, envelope, mailer box, paper bags, pillow boxes), size and colour. It is great for printing and it’s Eco Friendly. You certainly do not want to lose the environmentally conscious customers who now make a huge chunk of the market.

Design your package

Be creative with your designs. You do not have to go overboard with colours or graphics. Keep it simple, for example a single or may be two colours with your logo and a tagline. Simple designs highlight your brand and product. Complex designs, plethora of colours or a package crowded with graphics, will overpower your product and might even put off people. Digital printing has made it easier than ever. As there is no tooling cost involved (like custom printing plates and dies), you can get your custom designed packaging in any number of colours, graphics, shape and size without draining your budget. You can also use stickers or stamps for your product name or logo on a monochrome package. Most online companies offer a dedicated customer service too who would help you with choosing and designing your packaging.

Minimal packaging

Trendy, attractive, practical, low cost, eco friendly; this is what minimal packaging is all about. Many businesses (established and flourishing) are shifting to minimal packaging for its obvious advantages. These same advantages make it ideal for startups and small businesses too.

Bulk orders

Bulk orders cost lower but do not let this tempt you if you are just starting off. Order in a carefully estimated and calculated quantity. You can increase the volume as the business takes off and further cut down on costs.

So, is custom packaging worth investing in? It most definitely is. You have put your savings, your time, your energies in your business, you have invested your emotions, your hopes, your ideas in this venture, do not put it all at risk by missing out on such a basic detail. Your mind or others may make it seem like a trivial or negligible thing but it is NOT! It is rather pivotal.