Creative Packaging for Halloween

Autumn is here again, and so is that time of the year that everyone, regardless of their age, waits for. This year, the quarantine routine has gotten the best of everyone, but such celebrations can light up this gloominess, too! Halloween has always been a time of joy, spooks, tricks, and treats. It is so seriously celebrated in the US that everyone wants the All Hallows Eve spirit to reflect in almost everything. From decorating the houses to costumes, food to gift baskets, and treat containers, all represent one’s palate for this day. Since social distancing is still to be observed, we can guess that this Halloween, the fun should be coupled with lots of caution.

For different companies, this day doesn’t fall short of brushing up their creative skills. Custom Halloween boxes bring a lot of fun to the exterior of the package and some might still choose to keep the main fun a surprise. Here are some of our favorite creative Halloween packaging ideas that you’d love!

The Classics:

Old is gold, indeed, when it comes to Halloween. We all love our classical spooky images of coffins, skeletons, bats, jack o’ lanterns, and the like. These can be made in boxes or treat bags. Whether you want to send someone a nice treat box, a customized cake, or even other sorts of gifts, these packages can cover from food to jewellery, anything you can think of! These boxes are amazingly creative and add a funky twist to your package.


While the bags would be preferable for little candies, edibles, or things that don’t require special care, stuff that is fragile or needs to be handled with care, like a coffin made in a rigid box, would be able to provide extra protection. At the same time, the cardstocks are more versatile since they are collapsible, lightweight, and easily made.

 Pillow Boxes:

Now, these are one of the cute, easy, and compact boxes. These can be used individually or can be customized to contain or fit in another box. The simplicity of this design also acts as a light buffer to the contents as it bulges from the middle. These can even have a die-cut to add a little effect like spiders, web, or other scary yet fun elements or they can also sport something simple as a spooky face.

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Printed Care Packages:

While some people are still stuck at home, this is the best time to show your love and concern with gifts and care packages, a fun Halloween twist! You can still be with the people you care for and put a smile on their faces while being away. Among many other amazing ideas, you can send someone an unexpected gift to make their day! Care packages can be customized as per your choice and can include different themes. The best thing about a care package is the number of different items you choose to put inside of it, and you can add a special note customized for different people.



What you can choose to include in a care package:

Just keep in mind that your care box should be customized to accommodate and support the number of items and their weight. It is always great to give the packaging company the details of how much your package would roughly weigh and talk to their team about a perfect custom box. Depending on the size and capacity of your care package, you can put multiple items in it. Here are some of the items that you can add to your care package:

  1. Chocolates and confectionery items
  2. Masks
  3. Board or card games
  4. Horror stories or novels
  5. Self-care items
  6. Cards and letters
  7. Halloween themed décor or clothing
  8. Cookies
  9. Pumpkin Spice
  10. Candles

Simple yet Spooky:

Sometimes, a simple package can nail it and look amazing! You do not have to go for all the glam and crowded images to make your package stand out. A simple box with a nice and catchy label or design can do the trick for you. It would also increase the element of surprise. You can add your custom design to be put on the front or around your box to add charm to the package.



Luxury Boxes:

Luxury boxes are there to make a statement for others and are high-end quality boxes. These are used for things that are expensive and fragile. The rigid box provides extra protection to the contents and keeps them safe while looking pretty on the outside, too. You can also go for shapes other than your regular standard box shape to add uniqueness to the packaging. If you want a slightly different theme on Halloween for a special one then do not be afraid to choose luxury boxes for special treats.

Printed Kraft Box with Window:                                                                                                                      

These can be best used for bakery items especially cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that can display the items through the window. Not only would they look delectable but you can also add a custom “Trick or Treat” message on top.

These packaging ideas will help you have a great Halloween by celebrating with your loved ones and sending them surprising and funny gifts. While you’re going to have fun by staying at home this year, there are a few things we would like to give you a heads-up about.

Things to Remember:

Help flatten the curve. If you play it safe by following all the SOPs for COVID-19, you’re doing yourself and others a huge favor!

  1. Remember to disinfect any and everything you get from the outside.
  2. Wear your mask while stepping out of the house.
  3. Observe social distancing.
  4. Wash your hands often.

Stay safe! Happy Halloween!