Custom Boxes vs. Standard Packaging: Why Customization Matters?

If you are selling a product online, you might think that the packaging is not a big deal. After all, the customer is only interested in the product itself, right? Wrong. The packaging is the first thing that the customer sees when they receive their order, and it can make a huge difference in their perception of your brand and your product. In fact, according to a study, over 60% of online shoppers said that gift-like packaging gets them excited about what they ordered, and 40% said they would be more likely to purchase from a retailer again if they used premium packaging.

So what is the difference between custom boxes and standard packaging? And why does customization matter for your e-commerce business? Let’s find out.

Custom Boxes vs. Standard Packaging: What’s the Difference?

Standard packaging is pre-made, generic packaging that has little to no customization to its size, color, shape or finishing. Standard packaging can be produced inexpensively in bulk quantities, but it is limited to standardized box sizes, colors and styles that do not reflect your brand’s unique messaging or identity. Standard packaging is readily available and easy to use right away, but it also has a basic and generic look and feel to it.

Custom boxes are packaging that is uniquely tailored from scratch around your specific needs, instead of using a standard or pre-made box that your product might fit inside. The custom box process includes modifying the box’s shape, size, style, colors, material, varnish and other specifications. Custom boxes are essentially everything that isn’t standard packaging. Custom boxes allow you to create a package that is specifically designed to highlight your product’s features and fit your product snugly and securely.

Why Customization Matters for Your Business

Customization matters for your business because it can help you stand out from the competition, enhance your brand image, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and boost your sales and profits. Here are some of the benefits of using custom boxes for your business:

  • Stand out from the competition: Customized boxes can help you differentiate your product from other similar products on the market. By creating a unique and eye-catching package that showcases your brand’s personality and values, you can attract more attention and interest from potential customers. Custom boxes can also help you communicate your value proposition and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.
  • Enhance your brand image: Custom packaging can help you enhance your brand image by creating a consistent and professional look across all your products and channels. By using custom boxes that match your brand’s colors, logo, fonts and style, you can reinforce your brand identity and recognition. Custom boxes can also help you convey your brand’s story and message to your customers, and show them that you care about quality and details.
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction: Custom boxes can help you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by exceeding their expectations and making them feel special. By using custom boxes that are tailored to fit your product perfectly, you can ensure that your product arrives safely and securely to your customers, without any damage or waste. By using custom boxes that are gift-like and personalized, you can make your customers feel valued and appreciated, and encourage them to share their positive experience with others.
  • Boost your sales and profits: Custom boxes can help you boost your sales and profits by increasing your conversion rates, repeat purchases, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. By using custom boxes that are attractive and appealing, you can entice more customers to buy your product online or offline. By using custom boxes that are durable and reusable, you can reduce your shipping costs and environmental impact. By using custom boxes that are branded and customized, you can increase your customer retention and loyalty, and generate more referrals and recommendations.


Custom boxes vs. standard packaging: why customization matters for your business? The answer is simple: customization matters because it can help you create a competitive edge, a positive brand image, a loyal customer base, and a profitable business. Custom boxes are not just packaging; they are powerful marketing tools that can make or break your business success.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of custom boxes, contact Pro Custom Box today. We are experts in creating high-quality custom packaging that are tailored to fit your needs and budget. We offer a wide range of options for customizing your box’s shape, size, style, color, material, varnish and more. We also offer fast turnaround times, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Don’t settle for standard packaging; choose custom boxes instead. You’ll be amazed by the difference it can make for your e-commerce business.