Elevating Your Soap Packaging

Importance of Cardboard Soap Sleeves Packaging

Eco-friendly and versatile paper packaging is arguably the most necessary commodity in retail marketing. We at Pro Custom Box are committed to producing the best quality Soap Sleeve Packaging from sustainable raw materials. As Paper and cardboard packaging minimizes the per capita carbon footprint than plastic and other toxic materials entail, it is our main raw material. Cardboard Soap Sleeves Packaging being a very printable material offers a dizzying array of graphic and style possibilities. The flexibility of the Cardboard Soap Sleeves material in easily taking any dimension or shape required by the product also makes it ideal for traders. Lastly, the lightweight material of the Cardboard Soap Sleeves when used as packaging material drastically reduces transport costs. All of these factors combined to reduce the cost of a given product and at the same time increase the profit margin of the businessmen. This is why we here at Pro Custom Box excel in designing paper Soap Sleeves and soap packaging.

Pro Custom Box Cardboard Soap Sleeves

Our Custom Soap Sleeve Packaging offers all of the ecological and aesthetic benefits of cardboard packaging to its buyers. The Paper-based Soap Sleeves may take any desired shape, texture, and color. These soap sleeves therefore not only encase the bar but also showcase it to its best advantage. In this way, cardboard packaging performs the twin functions of both the product packaging and advertisement. The cardboard surface being highly printable is suited to graphic designing and listing important information like product ingredients, expiration date, brand logo, etc. Custom-made soap sleeves are suited to the needs of buyers.

Our Company, Pro Custom Box, Retails the Following Types of Soap Sleeves:

  • Paper soap sleeves
  • Slider soap sleeves
  • Soap packaging with tray
  • Hand made soap sleeves
  • Blank soap sleeves
  • Soap sleeve holder
  • Bath and body works soap sleeve holder.

1. Paper Soap Sleeves:

These are the simpler Soap Sleeves made from thick paper. The buyers can choose from a variety of styles and designs.

  • Paper being a highly printable surface readily takes to color dyes and printed words.
  • Alternatively the buyer may choose to save even the cost of dying the paper and use the classic brown color of Kraft paper bringing down the packaging cost.
  • This can be a great and inexpensive way to showcase the company logo and product details such as ingredients and expiration dates.

2. Slider Cardboard Soap Sleeves:

There are slider Cardboard Soap Sleeves designs, which partially encase the product leaving the color and texture of the soap visible to the customers.

  • Slider Cardboard Soap Sleeves designs are also relatively more cost-effective than Cardboard Boxes or trays, as in using lesser packaging material they are less of a financial drain on the business. This allows our customers to save on packaging costs while allowing them larger fiscal margins for focusing on their product quality.
  • Slider designs are more often used together with the paper sleeves. This allows the buyer to save up the cost of dying and printing the entire package. It also looks aesthetically pleasing to use brown Kraft paper beneath colorful slider soap sleeves.
  • Slider Soap Sleeve design is therefore aesthetic yet more utilitarian and less expansive than other sleeve box designs that use more packaging material.

3. Soap Packaging with Tray

The soapbox design accompanied by a showcase tray is best suited for high-end, luxury beauty soaps.

  • • The bigger packaging surface enhances the size of the product and provides a better canvas for graphic designing.
  • The tray design also allows for a peek into the original product by putting a small window on the box.
  • Our boxes are made using advanced printing techniques and paper processing processes so that the end result is elegant eye-catching packaging.
  • This type of Cardboard Soap Sleeves Packaging is better suited for long-distance transport as the cardboard tray protects and preserves the product during transport.

4. Hand Made Soap Sleeves

These Soap Sleeves are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing as they are printed and painted by hand.

  • • This packaging is most appropriate for hand made soap as it adds a personal touch that compliments the product
  • Hand made Soap Sleeves are often chosen for limited addition to Best Quality Soap as the process is more time-consuming and expensive than digital printing.
  • These soap sleeves are impractical and expensive for ordinary soap.

5. Blank Soap Sleeves:

These are the simplest and least expensive Soap Sleeves as they comprise a simple slider or Kraft paper envelop for the soap.

  • The cutting and dying cost are not applicable to this type of soap packaging so it is the most economical type of soap packaging
  • This packaging is ideal for cleaning detergent bars which are utilitarian in nature and are often rough cut and do not require fancy packaging to attract customers.

6. Soap Sleeve Holder

These are made from both cardboard and silicon.

  • This can be a very attractive soap packaging as it can reveal the color and texture of the encased soap through an intricate engrave pattern on both the cardboard and silicon
  • These are preferably made from silicone as they can withstand water way better than cardboard.
  • Larger soap bars are best preserved by this packaging especially if it is made in silicon as it preserves the soap bar from softening by being impervious to water

7. Bath and Body Works Soap Sleeve Holder:

These are Custom Soap Sleeve holders designed to recommend the encased soap for use in the shower.

  • These are preferably made in silicon, which raises the cost of packaging. However, silicon ensures the preservation of the soap from water damage and the customer eventually saves money on the product.
  • These bath and body holders when made in silicon can be reused by the customer.
  • Silicon being lightweight and flexible material has the same diversity in molding that plastic has.
  • In fact silicon is the ideal replacement for plastic in the bathroom.
  • Rubber attachments on silicon holder help in mounting the sleeve directly on the wall making it even more convenient to use soap in the shower stall.

You will also come across Silicone Soap Sleeve in the market which is really great. However, since they tend to be costly most of the time, at ProCustom Box, we ensure to provide you with a more cost-effective but nonetheless high-quality alternative to Silicone Soap Sleeve in the form of Custom Soap Sleeves fashioned out of cardboard. They are incredibly sturdy and hard-wearing, are top-notch in quality, and provide you with excellent value for your money. As long as you are getting packaging material from ProCustom Box, rest assured about the product’s quality.

Techniques Used for Designing Soap Sleeves

Various techniques are used to beautify the soap sleeve boxes such as:

1. Embossing

Embossing is a subtle way of beautifying the Soap Sleeve packages as it adds visual perspective to the boxes making them more aesthetic. Making the product name and company logo or brand in embossed lettering is especially an aesthetic way of highlighting desired information about the product on the packaging

2. Relief

The relief technique is a sculpting technique and adds visual depth to the product by making the eye perceive layers instead of a single plane surface. This aesthetic technique is best with corrugated cardboard boxes as they have more depth. Relief soapboxes and holders often whittle away the packaging to tastefully expose the color and texture of the encased soap

3. Corrugated Cardboard

There are two broad types of corrugated cardboard. Board style and flute-type cardboards. The layering and depth of layering between the two cardboard walls add both strength and style to the boxes. The type and number of layers in the cardboard are decided according to the pressure that the boxes need to withstand.

4. Printing

This is a totally aesthetic aspect of Soap Packaging. The designs may be as complex or simple as desired by the customer. There is an infinite number of color and style selections available to suit and compliment a soap bar. For instance, the box may comprise geometric patterns of color or a floral portrait of different flowers. For scented Soap Sleeves, the floral patterns are ideal as they provide visual affirmation to the scent of the product by displaying the aromatic herb or flower used by the manufacturer in the product on Soap Sleeve. This is why floral patterns such as lavender and rose are in high demand for our Soap Sleeve Boxes.

Company Selling Mantra

Our company, Pro Custom Box offers the best wholesale rates to businessmen for Paper Soap Packaging. We discuss the requirements and preferences of our customers before advising on the designs and prices for soap sleeves more suited to their needs. As retailers, we fully realize the paramount importance of customer satisfaction. We believe in delivering the best solution to the individual needs of our customers. Pro Custom Box’s service and rates are guaranteed to satisfy not only our customers but the customers of our buyers too. Since our economical and aesthetic Custom Soap Sleeves pleases not only the retailer but also the consumer.