5 Amazing Tips to Get a Customized CBD Tincture Bottle Box

Even before your customers use your CBD tincture to relieve their anxiety and chronic pain,
they will first lay their hands on the CBD tincture bottle box. Does this mean that the box
provides them their first sensory experience with your product? You are absolutely right.
There is a reason why product packaging is of utmost importance, especially in this day and age
when customers have a wide range of options to choose from in absolutely every product
To provide better value to your clientele, it is important to focus both on the quality of your
CBD tincture and bottle as well as the CBD tincture bottle box. Considering how largely product
packaging influences customers, it is only legit to pay attention to that aspect too. When it
comes to making the right first impression on your customers, getting custom designed boxes
and custom boxes packaging for your CBD tincture bottles is your safest bet to ensure that.
Let us share with 5 of the most amazing and effective tips to add a special touch to your CBD
tincture bottle boxes to leave your clients awestruck.

1. Opt for Personalized Window Custom Boxes

Window packaging plays a little peek-a-boo with the customers giving them a sneak peak of the
product stored inside, increasing their curiosity to quickly unbox the package, and get their
hands on the actual product. While window packaging isn’t a novel idea, it is certainly one that
never goes out of date.

Getting window packaging and personalizing it with your brand’s logo, colors and catchy tagline
instantly turns it into a custom made box that would leave a lasting impression on your
customer. You can even get different sizes of window boxes and customize them as per your
needs to fit in 2, 4, 6 or more bottles of CBD tincture. With this approach, you can better tend
to your client’s needs, keep them happy and hooked to your CBD tincture for long.

2. Add in Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are trending massively these days. Every other brand is launching a
subscription box packed with its particular offerings. Keeping into account how well this trend is
being received by the masses, why don’t you join the bandwagon too?
Once some clients subscribe to your customized CBD tincture bottle box, add in a couple of CBD
tincture bottles they will like keeping in mind their health conditions. It is best to have them fill
up a form asking information such as their age, gender, color preferences, interests, health
condition, likes etc. beforehand so you can customize their custom designed boxes accordingly.
Get their name printed on the custom boxes with logo of your brand and color of their choice,
and the odds of them becoming your loyal customers are quite high.

3- Get it Designed into an Eccentric Shape

Interesting, quirky shapes leave quite an impact on one’s mind. Every time we see a huge
geometrically designed sculpture somewhere, we do find ourselves thinking about it a few
times. Apply the same principle to your custom boxes packaging, and get them designed into a
creatively designed eccentric shape. Prismatic and geometric designs are quite catchy, and
mostly well received by people, so try those out. If you

4- Embellish it with a Hologram

While earlier little girls and boys seemed to be impressed with holograms, currently,
holography is a huge hit amongst people of all ages. You see holograms in glittery and shimmy
textures being printed on T-shirts, bags, pencil cases, cushions and what not. Why not take this
technique up a notch, and add a hologram of your brand’s logo on the custom boxes of your
CBD tincture? The idea is unique, interesting and very appealing, and is likely to make your CBD
tinctures a massive hit in your target audience.

5- Get Customized Sleeve Boxes

A personalized sleeve box has an element of surprise associated with it. Adorned in the color
theme of your brand with your logo smiling on the top, the sleeve box excites your customers
as they open it up to reveal your products. You can get the CBD custom designed boxes in this
style in different materials as well to offer a wide variety to your customers.
While you do exercise any of these tips to have a customized CBD tincture bottle box, do get
your customer’s feedback on it. Incorporate their input in your custom packaging, and you’ll
only woo them better the next time.